Experience the Festive Celebrations in Latvia This Season


Immerse Yourself in Latvia's Vibrant Holiday Spirit

1. Explore Riga's Christmas Markets

Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Riga's Christmas markets, where you can browse through a wide variety of traditional handicrafts, indulge in delicious seasonal treats, and enjoy live music and entertainment.


2. Visit Rundale Palace Winter Gardens

Discover the beauty of the Rundale Palace Winter Gardens, adorned with stunningly decorated trees and vibrant festive lights. Stroll through the magical surroundings and experience the joy of the holiday season.


3. Witness the Beauty of Latvian Folk Dances

Experience the vibrant and energetic Latvian folk dances performed during the festive season. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic music, intricate costumes, and captivating dance routines that showcase the country's cultural traditions.


4. Join a Winter Wildlife Safari in Gauja National Park

Embark on an exciting winter wildlife safari in the picturesque Gauja National Park. Spot various species of animals, such as deer, foxes, and wild boars, amidst the snow-covered forests and experience the wonders of nature.


5. Take a Sleigh Ride Through Latvia's Countryside

Delight in a magical sleigh ride through the serene Latvian countryside. Let the horses guide you through snowy landscapes, creating a fairytale-like experience that will leave you with cherished memories.


6. Admire the Christmas Decorations in Jurmala

Marvel at the stunning Christmas decorations that adorn the charming seaside town of Jurmala. Take a leisurely stroll along the golden sandy beaches and immerse yourself in the festive ambiance.


7. Discover the Magic of the Latvian Christmas Tree

Learn about the unique Latvian Christmas tree tradition, including the ancient belief that the tree holds special powers and the significance of decorating it with homemade ornaments and natural materials.


8. Visit the Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia

Step back in time as you explore the picturesque Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia during the festive season. Experience rural Latvian traditions, crafts, and architecture while immersing yourself in the holiday spirit.


9. Join a Torchlight Procession Through Old Town Riga

Feel the enchantment as you join a torchlight procession through the cobblestone streets of Riga's charming Old Town. Experience the mesmerizing glow of the torches illuminating architectural gems and spreading warmth and cheer.


10. Visit the Latvian National Museum of Art

Indulge in the rich cultural heritage of Latvia by visiting the Latvian National Museum of Art. Explore the diverse collection of artworks and exhibitions that capture the essence of Latvian creativity and history.