Latvia: Where Winter Dreams Come True


Indulge in the Wonders of Latvia's Winter Season

1. Ice Skating at Riga Central Park

Experience the thrill of gliding on ice at the stunning Riga Central Park Ice Rink. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this activity promises endless fun for all ages.


2. Husky Dog Sledding in Sigulda

Embark on an exhilarating dog sledding adventure in Sigulda. Feel the excitement as the beautiful huskies pull you through the picturesque Latvian winter landscape.


3. Cross-Country Skiing in Gauja National Park

Experience the tranquility of cross-country skiing in the stunning Gauja National Park. Glide through untouched snow-covered forests and enjoy the peaceful winter ambiance.


4. Snowshoeing in Kemeri National Park

Explore the magical winter wonderland of Kemeri National Park on snowshoes. Wander through frozen marshes, pine forests, and discover the beauty of Latvian nature.


5. Winter Wildlife Safari in Slitere National Park

Join a winter wildlife safari in Slitere National Park and witness the beauty of Latvia's wildlife in its winter habitat. Spot animals like deer, foxes, and various bird species.


6. Latvian Winter Cuisine Tour in Riga

Embark on a delectable culinary journey through the winter flavors of Latvia. Explore local markets, try traditional dishes, and indulge in the rich and hearty Latvian cuisine.


7. Hot Air Balloon Flight over Riga

Soar above the charming city of Riga in a hot air balloon and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the cityscape blanketed in white. An unforgettable winter experience.